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Note: this page contains ONLY abstracts+papers+presentations of contributions that were personally presented.
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Wednesday June 13

M. Vořechovský
REC2012 - Opening Speech
R. L. Muhanna, R. L. Mullen
REC2012 - Opening Speech
F. Fedele, R. L. Muhanna
Interval Solution for Inverse Problems under uncertainty
M. Mahsuli, T. Haukaas
Sensitivity Measures for Minimizing Model Uncertainty in Probabilistic Analysis
S. Freitag, R. L. Muhanna, W. Graf
A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Training Artificial Neural Networks with Uncertain Data
R. L. Muhanna, R. L. Mullen, M. V. Rama Rao
Nonlinear Interval Finite Elements for Structural Mechanics Problems
I. Skalna, M. V. Rama Rao, A. Pownuk
Dynamic Response of Beams to Interval Load
D. Novák, R. Pukl
Reliable/reliability computing for concrete structures: Methodology and software tools
D. Lehký, Z. Keršner, D. Novák
Determination of statistical material parameters of concrete using fracture test and inverse analysis based on FraMePID-3PB tool
B. Teplý, P. Rovnaníková, P. Rovnaník, D. Vořechovská
Probabilistic modelling of concrete structures degradation
A. Strauss, H.-A. Demissie
Gamma Process – Life cycle analysis of the Neumarkt Bridge, IT
M. Sýkora, M. Holický
Durability Assessment of Large Surfaces Using Standard Reliability Methods
J. Králik
A RSM Method for Nonlinear Probabilistic Analysis of the NPP Reinforced Concrete Structures
T. Poutanen
Simultaneous loads in structural design
M. Krejsa
Application of the Direct Optimized Probabilistic Calculation
J. Eliáš, M. Vořechovský
On the effect of material spatial randomness in lattice simulation of concrete fracture

Thuersday June 14

T. Most
Variance-based sensitivity analysis in the presence of correlated input variables
W. Verhaeghe, W. Desmet, D. Vandepitte, I. Elishakoff, D. Moens
Bounding the dependence measures for spatial uncertainties
P. Cacciola
Simulation of high variable random processes through the spectral- representation-based approach
H. Zhang, M. Beer
Interval quasi-Monte Carlo method for reliability assessment with imprecise probability
M. Jirásek, S. Dobruský
Accuracy of Concrete Creep Predictions Based on Extrapolation of Short-Time Data
R. Čajka, P. Matečková, L. Mynarzová, M. Stará
Analysis of Tri-axial Stress-strain Conditions of Pre-stressed Masonry Corner
T. Most, J. Will
Robust Design Optimization in industrial virtual product development
E. Auer, S. Kiel, A. Rauh
Verified Parameter Identification for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
M. Modares, J. Bergerson
Reliable Dynamic Analysis of Structures Using Imprecise Probability

Friday June 15

G. Muscolino, R. Santoro, A. Sofi
Frequency response functions of discretized structural systems with uncertain parameters
S. Ratschan
An Algorithm for Formal Safety Verification of Complex Heterogeneous Systems
M. Hladík, M. Černý
On the Tolerance Approach to Possibilistic Nonlinear Regression over Interval Data
A. Serafinska, W. Graf, M. Kaliske
A Multi-objective Optimization Approach with a View to Robustness Improvement
T. Muromaki, K. Hanahara, Y. Tada, S. Kuroda, T. Fukui
Estimating load condition having caused structure failure and an optimal design taking account of the estimated result
J. Podroužek
Importance sampling strategy for oscillatory stochastic processes
R. Rypl, R. Chudoba, M. Vořechovský
Stochastic cracking of brittle matrix composites with heterogeneous reinforcement
M.-Y. Liu, Y.-J. Li
Reliability Analysis of High-Rise Buildings under Wind Loads
D. Boumezerane, S. Belkacemi
Random Sets-based estimation of soundings density for geotechnical site investigation
R. Čajka
Different models of soil-structure interaction and consequent reliability of foundation structure